Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Toughie

Columbus, Indiana 6/1/08

So, I rode more miles today than I ever have. 86+! I had somewhat of a tough day. As my legs get stronger and stronger, I try to push myself harder and harder. Today this backfired. We arose from our cotton cocoons at 5am, as it would be a long hot day. We were a little slow this morning. We dragged our hour and a half worth of chores out into 2.5 hrs. I hit the road from Cincinnati @ 7:37am and cranked out the first 25 miles at or around the front of the pack. This was a foolish idea, trying to hang with the fast folks. Right around that 25 mile mark, I ran out of fuel. I thought that I might be able to take a little break and be rejuvenated for the next 10 miles to 1st lunch. This was not the case. I ended up walking some and riding at a snails pace until I reached this landmark. I thought about the possibility of pooping out on the rest of the day, but when Janine insisted that I at least make it to 2nd lunch (30 more miles), I put that idea out of my head for the remainder of the day. I refilled my engines at 1st L with a couple candy bars, a banana, an orange, a pack of crackers, and lots of water. I was the last person to get back onto the road besides our two "Sweepers": Will and Dylan. Not 100 yards down the road I got my first flat tire of the trip. It didn't take 5 minutes to change, and I was back in the saddle. I struggled to knock out the next 12-15 miles, stopping for a couple of breaks in the shade of some local obliging foliage. It wasn't until Will and Dylan caught up to me that I was really able to start moving again. Will is our resident triathlete. He scooted in front of me and set a pace that I could handle for the remainder of the day. I can not describe the feeling that I experienced when I cruised into Columbus and The First Presbyterian Church where I now sit. The church provided us with a place to shower, free reign of their facilities, and a superb burrito dinner. I have already taken a 4 hour nap, and I am anxious to sleep as much more as I can. I hope you have enjoyed this snippet of a day in the life of a Bike and Builder. Until next time...Cory.


Mom said...

Dear Cory,
The rewards you reaped from this day are so much greater because of the effort you put into it. You have much to be proud of, and we are SO PROUD of you for hanging in there through thick and thin. We're behind you all the way, and praying for the wind back and a little welcome shade along the way.
Love you,

the robisons said...

hey cory,
thanks for site, its great to be a part of your journey. when you hear the sound of the wind in your ears its also is the sound of the rest of us clapping. we're pulling for you from pensacola florida, and with you all the way. have fun and keep posting.

cobserver said...

Hi Cory -
You continue to amaze me with your determination and perserverance. And what an incredible day you had! Every mile cycled is another mile behind you and another mile closer to your destination. Sounds like those hips are serving you well. Lots and lots of love,
Auntie Peg

tabby4 said...

Hey, Cory! Your Mom said that my last message didn't make it to you. Well-o, that doesn't mean that I'm not praying for you and thinking about you every day! I am so very proud of what you are doing and wish that you could feel that pride! I pray God continue to bless you with the wind at your back and a downhill ride to another Presbyterian Church-we're good people! God bless you, Cory and you're in our thanksgiving and prayers! Blessings, Claudia and Andy Steele =^..^=

tabby4 said...

Hey, Cory!
I'm glad to hear that your ankle is back in business and you are certainly burning up the miles! I'm so very proud of you and am enjoying hearing about you from your Mom :) Have you done any building yet? Do y'all work with Habitat? I know that you are going through a life changing experience! As you peddle along, think about all of the lives that you are touching and the ones that you will touch once you come home! Blessings and prayers coming at 'cha! Claudia and Andy Steele

SBSorized Dale said...

It was nice seeing you and your team of friends pass through Norwood, Ohio. Best of luck.