Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun Days Continue As Our 1/2way Point Draws Near

Wow. I have seen and experienced so much in the past weeks it is hard to know where to begin. We have grown accustomed to eating like kings in the past few weeks. It seems like each church we spend time at is dead set on one-upping the previous one in terms of prepared food. We have such an array of leftover food that, today at lunch I found a 3 day old untouched breakfast casserole, an entire ham leg, and a bag full of unopened sandwich meat. Suffice it to say that we are not going hungry.

We are in Kansas, now, and have been for a few days. We had our first day off in Manhattan, Kansas. We went out the night before our day off and perused a few local hangouts. It was fun to tell other young people about what we were doing. We had a "prom," which was fun. We all went to local thrift stores and bought cheap ridiculous outfits to suit the occasion. At our last three cities, we were able to get into local swimming pools. Many of us are lucky to have not hurt ourselves doing dumb stunts off of the diving boards.

As far as biking goes, we are all still getting a little bit stronger. Our tan lines are very well established, and our butts are pretty much accustomed to being sore. The countryside here in Kansas is quite breathtaking. The landscape is a bit more hilly than the flat cornfields that I had expected to find. Everyone keeps saying that it will level out, and I keep waiting. The Rockies are quickly approaching, and it is easy to feel the group's anxiety of conquering them. We will be in Denver in a week, where we have another day off. So until then, I hope you are enjoying your day jobs as much as I am. -CORY

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